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Our acquired certifications confirm our quality.

Ensures safety, quality, and sustainability of agricultural products worldwide.
Focuses on social practices within agricultural production, including worker welfare.
Certifies products as produced using organic farming methods, without synthetic chemicals.
It is one of the world’s ethical trade membership organizations working.
Sets global guidelines for food safety and quality management.
Internationally recognized standards for ensuring food safety and quality.
Sustainability and QMS

Our certifications in sustainability and Quality Management Systems attest to:

The excellence of our commercial quality, derived from the qualifications of our farms and our close, ongoing collaboration with them. This encompasses detailed information regarding the available farming acreage, the capacity of Controlled Atmosphere (CA) and Ultra-Low Oxygen (ULO) storage chambers, sorting lines, packaging facilities, labeling capabilities, and more within our packhouses.

Our proprietary approach to research and residue testing conducted in international laboratories.


Research and development

Our research and development efforts culminated in a collaborative study conducted with the University of Leibnitz, focusing on soil fertilization techniques in orchards.

We regulary organize events and trainings

Production advisory

We regularly organize meetings for our growers to help them understand the blueberry market

Consulting firms and doctors are invited to trainings organized by us to help our growers better understand

  • What varieties to grow
  • What fertilizers to use
  • We also create Spray Plant Protection plans so produced fruits can be healthy and has minimum level of residues